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Sounds… a sample of Tom’s music

Here are some sample files for you to enjoy!

The Great Highland Pipes

The Northumberland Small Pipes

Scottish Smallpipes

One Response to “Sounds… a sample of Tom’s music”
  1. alan grosz says:

    I’m writing this for Doug Cannon. He talked to your sister Vickie today and she told him that you are in concert in Boston. He says that this is very good. He had me go to your web site, wrong name, but I was able to find it through Google.

    We listened to Amazing Grace, he grew tired of it quickly. Oh well, bagpipes are an acquired taste. But, after he got off the phone, I downloaded all the music on your sample page. My family comes from the Drummond family, I do like the pipes. I will bookmark your site so I can come back often.

    When he called me to get on your site, he was in La. at the 110 mile marker. I reside 30 miles west of Victorville, Calif. Thats about an hour drive from Los Angles.

    Doug just wanted you to know that he had been to your site.

    Have a good day………..Alan

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